Turning good science into better health

Name and logo

Here at SIDERA, our motto is good ideas, good data. When it comes to aggressive cancers such as glioblastoma, standard treatment approaches have been very unsatisfactory so far in improving the quality of life and survival of patients. That is why good ideas are needed in developing better treatment strategies. However, good ideas are not enough. No matter how great the vision and how sound the science is, what matters at the end is good data that promises good end results. This is what creates value to the patients and their families after all. Therefore, as we are chasing a dream for a cure, we take big steps guided by pragmatism towards a long-awaited breakthrough.

SIDERA, Latin for stars. When gazing at skies peppered with glittering stars, we humans often feel an urge to explore and discover. At SIDERA, we feel the same when analyzing the “constellations” or genetic pathways that drive cancer.

Our logo is inspired by the “star of life”, which is synonymous with an urgent need for medical care and is depicted as progressively diminishing in the presence of SIDERA.

Who we are

SIDERA MEDICINE was founded in 2016 with one purpose in mind, to develop life-changing therapies against debilitating aggressive cancers that have limited treatment options. Our focus is on targeting stem cell-like, invasive subpopulations of aggressive cancers with a new generation of highly selective small-molecule kinase drugs. Using breakthrough technology, we are able to target kinases that have been traditionally considered difficult to work with. We have several active oncology programs and are building a robust pipeline to bring our most promising drugs to the market.